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The nitty gritty of spring 2019 fishing on the San Juan


Well, to start out we ended the winter months on a high note, refreshed and ready to take on the 2019 season head on.

With the snow pack being where it should be and the warmer weather insight we were excited for another great spring.

As we all know fishing is not always a level headed beast, it can be great to us and humble us, that’s why we all love it you never know what the next day, the next cast, the next riffle may hold.

We had great winter fishing in January and February with lots of scattered storms bringing much needed moisture. The first week in March we saw a change.

Due to an influx of moisture and low elevation runoff the inflow to the reservoir pushed a bunch of silty water to the dam. The water clarity went from our typical post lake turnover stained winter water to and extremely off color spring water.

A very rare situation for the Famous San Juan river, it also doesn’t help when the average water temperature is 36 to 38 degrees.

We had a very tough two weeks but the fishing has improved a ton. the water clarity however has not.

We are finding our fill of fish, still not the same as the typical San Juan but we are catching enough to keep it exciting.

We do not have any way of telling when the water will clear up but we are hoping soon and keeping our fingers crossed.